Radnor Racquet Club is Open!

Greetings Radnor Racquet Community,

We are happy to announce that the Radnor Racquet Club has reopened for business! We have missed our community and are thrilled to see our players back on the courts. Please see below for our updated health and safety measures as well as our policy on unused contract time from COVID-19.

Health and Safety Measures:

The health and safety of players at RRC is our top priority. To ensure a clean and safe tennis environment, we have made adjustments in compliance with both CDC guidelines and USTA reopening protocols.

  • We require all players to wear a mask when entering and moving around the building
    • Masks can be removed on court to play
  • All players are required to sign a Covid waiver prior to play
  • We ask that you arrive no more than 10 min before your scheduled time and that after playing you depart the building in a timely manner to reduce contact between groups
  • Please bring your own water – water fountains, kitchen sink and vending will not be available (1 sink in locker room will be open)

Additionally, we are:

1. Providing hand sanitizer throughout the facility
2. Making gloves and masks available
3. Increasing cleaning of high touch areas
4. Reducing use of lounge and kitchen/vending areas
5. Limiting gallery viewing
6. Installing a plexiglass shield in the office

We advise all players to review player safety tips as advised by USTA. (link below – copies will be available in the office as well.)

Radnor Racquet will be following the USTA guidelines or safe programming and facilities. ((link below – copies will be available in the office as well.)


Honoring 2019/2020 Contracts, Round Robins and Prepaid Lessons:

We are looking towards solutions that are fair to our players and the Club:

1. Unused contract time with Radnor Racquet: RRC contract time can be used in the current 2020/2021 season (and can be given to friends/family!)

  • If time is not used by 5/14/21 then money will be refunded
  • Any questions on contracts should be directed to the office (610) 293-1407 or info@radnorracquetclub.com

2. Unused contract time with Rick Rojas: Rick will credit each contract/round-robin for unused time and will use as a credit for the upcoming season. Please email Rick with any question at aroundthenetpost@gmail.com.

3. Unused Youth Programming time with L3 tennis: L3 will credit unused time as a credit for upcoming lessons/programs. Any questions, please email Pam at info@l3tennis.com.


Thank you and see you soon!

Radnor Racquet Club






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Important Dates


New contracts are welcomed and accepted throughout the year based on court availability



• Contract Renewals for 2020- 2021 due March 15


• Del Tri dates forthcoming


• Beginner adult clinics launching


• Summer rates go in effect – May 9


Club reopening 19 th June


• 2020/21 fall-winter rate in effect and contracts start
• Beginner Clinic launching
• Round Robins intra-club starting (session 1)


• Del Tri season starts thru March


• Round Robins – intra club starting (session 2)

• beginner session launching

Lynne Sundblad
Radnor Racquet Club
Program Coordinator @ Around the Netpost

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